Frequently Asked Question

Essential FAQ

  1. What is is the computer specification to run NFTCombiner?
    You can run NFTCombiner as long your computer can run Windows 10, but please notice: higher resolution NFT may need higher memory and GPU.

  2. Can NFTCombiner upload to Marketplace such as OpenSea?
    Currently NFTCombiner just focus for generating images, uploading to marketplace still not decided but we have strong feeling this could be implemented.

  3. Does NFTCombiner support Macintosh?
    Currently only supporting Windows, if you have Macintosh then just run under virtual machine.

  4. How many machine I can install with license?
    One license for one machine, but you may unlink to transfer your license into another machine.

  5. Do you sell bulk license?
    Yes, please inquiry to support@nftcombiner.com

  6. How to use transparent background?
    You can set transparent background by checking Edit -> Settings -> Generate with Transparent Background

  7. Does the application support dark mode?
    Yes it supports dark mode by checking Edit -> Settings -> Dark Mode

  8. Can I use transparent image?
    Yes, it will automatically detect transparancy depending on imported image